Descent II: Labyrinth of Doom

Gathering Foretold


Ruinous Whispers

Since finding the remains of the Dunwarr camp, your day has not improved. You arrive near to the Pylia Caravan encampment to the sight of rising smoke and the sound of screams. Drawing your weapons, you hurry forward.

Grinning goblins chase and harry the panicking civilians, but one individual in particular catches your eye. A woman, garbed in finery high above the station of other traders and travelers, lies unconscious near a scattered fire pit.

One of the goblins, dressed in shaman’s apparel of bones and feathers, barks a command and points a clawed finger towards her,. The other goblins cease their general mischief and rush to obey.

They must have some want of her; reason enough for you to intervene.

Ispher, Tomble Burrowell, Reynhart the Worthy, and Jaes the Exile


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